cat behaviour consultant

Rachel Smith

I have been dedicated to improving the lives of cats and their guardians by strengthening their relationships.  By helping parents better understand their cat’s needs and behaviour, I am able to uncover the underlying causes of many inappropriate behaviour. I work closely on a personalised behaviour and training plan to help address these undesired behaviour and replace them with more appropriate ones. Through education, environmental enrichment, behaviour modification, positive reinforcement and training, I am often able to reduce or resolve many of these behaviour issues. 

Cat Sitting Reviews

What my clients are saying...

  • "Rachel is an amazing cat sitter and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to friends. We have two 18 year old housecats one of which has diabetes and is arthritic and requires medication twice a day which Rachel administered for us."

    B. Reid

  • "Trustworthy, caring, reliable and just totally awesome... thank you so much Rachael."

    S. Land

  • "Rachel was fantastic looking after our two house cats. They are very weary of strangers however Rachel did a great job in getting them used to her and interacting with them."

    E. Cosgrove

  • "Best cat sitter, I can't recommend Rachel enough - she took care of our two girls splendidly."

    S. Rodriguez

  • "My first time using this service and I couldn't have been happier. Rachel provided daily updates including photos so I had no concerns whatsoever."

    M. Martin