Cat Grimace Scales - how to assess if a cat is in pain

Cat Grimace Scales - how to assess if a cat is in pain

All images are taken from the feline grimace scale website  and from iCatCare’s website:



Cats are very good at hiding pain or discomfort from humans; often only showing obvious and outward signs of discomfort when they’re experiencing severe pain. This is due to the need of the wild ancestor of the cat to hunt; and not to show any signs of vulnerability either to any prey items or to a predator. 

The feline grimace scale has been developed over the past few years to give cat owners and anyone working with cats an idea of what signs to look out for. 

It goes without saying that if you feel that your cat is in pain or discomfort; please consult at vet as soon as possible. There are also some holistic things you can do to help your cat if they are experiencing pain or discomfort.

try using a rubber brush for grooming.

try putting a footstool or “cat steps” to help your cat reach high up places.

try offering a warmed heat pad to give them something to snuggle to and hopefully some additional relief from discomfort.

If your cat is elderly and suffering from arthritis, try putting his or her bowls on a stand so they’re raised off the ground. This can help a great deal; as it makes it easier for your cat to eat and drink without having to bend down so low.

Here is the scale:



  1. No pain 










2. Moderate pain








3. Severe pain