Cat Behaviour

Cat Behaviour

Noses - a cats sense of smell is between 9 and 16 times more powerful than a humans! That’s how then can smell a packet of tasty chicken, beef or ham the second it comes out of the fridge; and also why they instantly know what’s coming when they hear the click of and sense the smell of the flea treatment!

Paws - paws are perfect for moving softly and noiselessly. A cats paws are cushioned by their pads as they walk. When they jump, the movement in their legs as they land (like a spring) means that they “shock absorb” a lot of the noise that would otherwise result from their landing.
Cats can jump up to six times their own height! They just love to climb! That’s why it’s important you think about vertical play spaces as well as horizontal for your mouser!

Rolling - cats roll to indicate submission to one another, and also as an invitation to play! It’s not an invitation to tickle your cat’s belly - no matter how tempting!!  A roll is also a good way for cats to mark their territory.

Greeting a cat - I find when meeting a cat, it’s best to get down to their level.  it’s also a good idea to speak slowly, calmly and in a slightly higher pitched voice than you would normally use to the cat. Put your hand out and always allow the cat to approach you first.

Meow - cats only meow to humans, and never to one another! The tone, the length, on the insistency of the meow determines what your cat is trying to tell you. Every cat has their own different meows for different things. Cats speak to each other using a variety of different sounds. Some are far higher pitched than we can hear, but many are within our hearing range. If you have more than one cat, enjoy figuring out their own communication patterns with each other.

Headbutting - my boyfriend was very perplexed the first time my cat head-butted him. It is a sign of affection, and also a getting to know you gesture. When cats head-butt an object or person, they transfer scent  onto the person or object from the scent glands located on their face and neck.

Scratching - scratching is once again a form of scent marking. Cats scratch outside to mark their territory.

“Mad half hour”A burst of energy experienced by a cat. normally They charge up and down the stairs for around 15 minutes, and then lie down to go to sleep.

Are my cats friends? - if you have a multi cat household you’ll probably know the answer to this! Your cats will probably spend time together in smaller social groups, and you will find that certain members of your kitty family get on better than others. Cats in the same mini social group often groom one another, and sleep together. They may also hunt together.

Sleep! Cats can spend between 12 and 20 hours a day asleep depending on age!