About Me


Hi! My name is Rachel Smith.

I’m the proud owner of my own family of little mousers - Calli, Dommy, Rora and Minni! I’ve run the successful Home Loving Cats franchise for the Fylde area since May 2016, and founded Mouser’s Toolkit in November 2020!

I’ve loved and owned cats since childhood, and my love of animals is why I chose to study Zoology at The University of Manchester. After graduating, I worked in the field of animal science for 6 years, but didn’t enjoy the daily commute. When the opportunity came up to start a cat sitting business with Home Loving Cats, I jumped at the chance!! My favourite part of my work as a cat sitter is interacting with all the beautiful cats I have the privilege to look after and see on a daily basis. I love watching their behaviour, learning new things about cats all the time; and helping owners with any cat related questions they may have. The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 seemed a perfect opportunity and reason to diversify my business to include an online offering to more cat owners and my existing customer base - so Mouser’s toolkit was born!

I’m excited to learn more about your cats, and to help you understand your little mousers better too!