Cat Questions

In my 4 years of experience as a cat sitter, these have been my top Feline FAQ’s!

The advice below is very general. If, however you would prefer to receive some more personalised advice tailored to your cat and your individual circumstances! Please check my schedule of availability to book a 40 minute online consultation with me here.

Getting a new kitten
Aaah... welcoming a baby mouser into your family is such a joy! It’s important though to make sure you have all the following things in place before you go to collect your new kitten!
  • have you seen both mummy and kittens together?
  • How old is your kitten? It’s important that kittens stay with their mummy until they’re at least 8 weeks old; and after having witnessed my kittens growing up with their Mummy, I’d recommend they stay with their mummy until 12 weeks old.  Kittens learn so many important skills of how to be a cat from one another and their cat mummy! 
  • A vet in mind.
  • Insurance
  • Food, bowls, litter boxes, toys, a bed, and plenty of things to make them feel comfy. 
  • Has your kitten had all his or her vaccinations?
  • If you’re getting a pedigree kitten, is he or she at least 12 weeks old; and from a reputable breeder
Getting another cat
What’s better than having one cat? Having 2 cats! However if you’re thinking about giving another kitty a home it’s important to consider the following:
  • personality, temperament and background of your existing cat.
  • Temperament and background of the cat you’re thinking of getting.
  • If they’re a match, it’s important to do the introductions slowly! 
It’s also important to take the introductions slowly if introducing a new person to your cat/cats; as I’ve done recently with my boyfriend! He’s gradually becoming a cat person!!
Exercise and stimulation for house cat. 
Does your cat like to be up high? I can help you design a cat room or wall for in your house featuring cat shelves, ladders, scratching posts, dangly toys to play with too, along with cat friendly plants! 
If your cat prefers to lounge and relax, I can help you design the perfect chill out zone for your cat too.

You can book a consultation with me to help you design the perfect mouser’s playroom!

Will my cat be ok whilst I’m at work?
Cats are by their nature extremely independent, but it can be reassuring not to mention highly entertaining for owners to be able to check up on their kitty whilst they’re out. There are a variety of cat cameras available on the market which we can incorporate into a cat room design, or that you can put where your cat spends the most time!
My cat wolfs his/her food and vomits afterwards.
One of my cats, Aurora (the ginger and white tom) is terrible for this too! After looking round for ages for a solution; I found the Doc and Phoebe feeders! These allow you to put small portions of cat biscuits (kibbles) into a mouse, and hide them round the house. They stimulate natural hunting behaviour by firstly making your cat find their food, and have some thrill of the chase by having to play with and manipulate the “mouse” to get the food out, secondly the cat has to work out how to get the food out the feeder, and thirdly it means your cat takes longer eating their meal! Less scoffing and being sick, (scarf and barf), and less mess to clear up! Doc and Phoebe feeders are available in the Mouser’s toolkit store! 
How to stop my cat stealing my other cat’s food?
My four little mousers are experts in this field also!! 
I’ve found the Doc and Phoebe feeders help massively with this too! These great little mouse shaped feeders provide a challenge to your cats, meaning that they’re less likely to get bored with their own food and try someone else’s food! 
Why does my cat scratch the carpet?
Cats have their own personal presences for places to scratch, and it’s good to provide a variety of different shapes, heights and textures of scratching surface! Some cats like ground level scratchers and some like tall cat trees! 
Minni for example likes scratching the doormat!
Dommy likes softer scratching surfaces.
Rora likes standing on his back legs to scratch 
Calli also likes an upright scratching surface
For personalised advice and ways to make the right sort of scratcher for your cat; then you can check my availability and book a session via my online scheduler
Why does my cat not drink from a water bowl by their food?
In the wild, cats don’t eat next to water sources incase the prey item falls in, contaminating the water source. It’s a good idea therefore to put water bowls away from where your cat eats normally; and an excellent idea to put many different sources around the house. Cat Water fountains are a super idea. 
For guidance on placement of your water bowl, or advice on specific types of bowl for elderly cats; please book a personalised session via my scheduler.
Why does my cat not use his cat bed?
Cats often sleep in a variety of places - usually where they feel the most safe, warm and comfortable.
Litter box problems - cats who use the bath. Cats who have accidents outside the box.
Cats are naturally very clean, and problems using the litter box normally indicate either stress or some underlying medical issue. I’d recommend you consult your vet first. Once health problems have been identified and or ruled out there are a variety of solutions to help you and your cat with this problem. 
Cats with arthritis can benefit from a reduced height litter tray. Some cats don’t like the feel of certain types of litter, and some prefer a particular style of litter tray - some refuse to use the lidded ones, and some only feel safe in an enclosed space! 
How should I give my cat tablets?
I struggle with this too, so the important thing is not to be embarrassed to ask for help! There are various tactics from chicken, to butter, to Philadelphia cheese! I’ve also seen a paste like pill putty! 
How to get my cat into the cat carrier?
The trick is to minimise the stress of the experience for both you and your cat. Hold your cat firmly and reassuringly. Don’t forget to talk to him her or her throughout the whole experience. 
Why does my cat hunt?
Natural instinct. Every mouser is born with the instinct to hunt, chase and pounce! 
“Gifts” I’ve had include:
Dragonflies (and other insects)
A rat
Birds of various shapes and sizes
And a frog....
Designing games and stimulation for cat’s around their hunting instincts is key for your cat’s happiness and fulfilment! 
What is my cat telling me? Purring, head butting, rolling, meowing, 

I always took my cats signs of affection for granted until my boyfriend (who’s never owned a cat) asked me about their behaviour! 

Purring is a sign of happiness, but cats also purr in stressful situations like when at the vets! 

Head butts from your cat can be to get attention; and also to rub scent from their scent glands in their face onto you - this marking you as theirs! Never was the phrase “you don’t own a cat; a cat owns you” more true! 

Rolling is a sign of submission, not necessarily an invitation to rub the belly! Proceed with caution!

Tail “quivers” are a sign of excitement, whereas wafting or wagging of the tail is a sign your cat has had enough of being touched. (Except in the case of Minni - who wafts his tail when he’s happy!!!) 

Meows can mean many different things depending on your cat and the situation! My recommendation is to really listen to your cat; enjoy and get to know their personal communication style! 

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